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See Plausible Fake Movie Posters Made From Random Images On Reddit

A crafty Redditor has been taking random images and turning them into eerily accurate movie posters. You’d see Ark, right?

How well do you know your movie poster cliches? There’s “Giant Floating Heads“—everyone’s seen those. “Holding Gun Whilst Looking Over Shoulder” is popular as well. And who can forget “Unlikely Partners Crooking a Thumb At Each Other Like ‘I Gotta Work With This Guy?'” These kinds of movie posters have been done to death, resurrected by parody, and then had a stake driven through their lifeless hearts. It takes a much keener eye to notice the trends endemic to more traditionally stylized posters. One crafty Redditor has such a striking command on these lesser heralded tropes, he can apparently use them to turn any image into a movie poster.

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