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Willoughby Avenue Launches KOLUMN Magazine, Publishing Local News Stories Re: African American Communities


WASHINGTON, D.C. April 06, 2016 – Willoughby Avenue, a Washington, D.C. digital marketing agency, has recently launched a digital news platform that curates and publishes local news stories from leading U. S. African American Newspapers. KOLUMN Magazine, the new brand, is committed to delivering rich and engaging content that highlights the full spectrum of African American accomplishments and political, economic, educational, cultural & local interests.

KOLUMN Magazine was inspired by the realization that African American local interests must be shared nationally, and that we should have a well considered, designed and socially engaging platform to learn about such interests. Founder and Editor In Chief, R. David. Johnson, shares that he read countless news stories and social media posts about the lives of popular culture personalities, entertainers and the “accidentally famous”, revealing poorly constructed narratives and out-of-context opinions about “real issues”. He [Johnson] found that Facebook & Twitter excelled at building an audience around national news, but lacked a consistent volume and depth of local news stories about African Americans. While Johnson and most information seekers were able to find and share stories about their communities from local news papers, there was no easy way to quickly determine the pulse of like-communities elsewhere.

As the founder of Willoughby Avenue and Thrive Agency, the latter a non profit marketing entity dedicated to building small business brands in challenged communities, Johnson was more than familiar with how to integrate and publish rich content in a manner that immediately draws the readers attention from the moment the featured news story image is seen.

KOLUMN Magazine leans upon design elements that are somewhat unconventional, high exposure, minimally color saturated and sharp images that capture the perfect imperfections of subjects and command the attention of readers. Selecting (clicking) any KOLUMN Magazine news story title or featured image from social media platforms results in the reader being directed to a well laid out desktop or mobile site that’s built specifically with the reader in mind. All local content is grouped by state or region and sorted by African American Newspaper.

As KOLUMN Magazine continues to grow in viewers and social media popularity it will undoubtedly find that readers want more. Johnson intends to meet such demand by executing a “Curator” attribution model for all articles posted, so that everyone can participate in delivering great content from local African American communities. KOLUMN Magazine aspires to develop Curators nationally, contributors who each have a stake in the shared education, inspiration and growth of the African American community. What viewers will soon observe are posted KOLUMN Magazine news stories with Curators’ names noted. Johnson has shared that his belief in a community news model will ultimately best serve African American communities locally and nationally.

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