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Why The Internet Is In Love With Hamburger Helper’s Mixtape

It’s real hip-hop and it don’t stop until after ten minutes on the stovetop.

April Fool’s pranks are the worst! It’s fun to say, like, “I’m pregnant” on Facebook or “we’re making our dairy-free vegan ice cream with human breast milk” in a press release, when you’re actually not, but it’s not really fun to have to sift through a bunch of insufferable crap to figure out who’s full of crap and who isn’t. So if you’re going to create an April Fool’s prank, you should probably take a lesson from Hamburger Helper—dump the lies, and just make something really good that people actually want, instead. In this case, against all odds, it’s a mixtape in which a consortium of unknown rappers trade bars about the greatness of their product.

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