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What Your Brand Can Learn From Queen Elizabeth II’s Historic Reign

Elizabeth II has officially become the U.K.’s longest-reigning monarch. Here’s how she’s managed one of the world’s most high-profile brands.

On September 9, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in Britain’s history, surpassing her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria’s record that’s been held for more than a century. Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952 at the young age of 25 and has since been leading what is, essentially, one of Britain’s most valuable brands now for more than six decades. Although the Queen’s longevity at the head of the family business is mainly the result of her just staying alive all these years, she has managed to steer her country through postwar depression, oversee the formation of the Commonwealth of Nations, act as a patron to over 600 charities and organizations, and watch a staggering amount of U.S. presidents come and go—just to highlight a few lines on her resume.

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