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This App Is The Antidote To This Insane Presidential Campaign

Sidewire—created by a former Republican politico and a Stanford wunderkind—aims to create community around smart political discourse.

It’s the night of the Indiana primary, and I’m at a cool, new D.C. hangout called Sidewire. The polls close, and with the almost immediate call for Donald Trump, the place erupts into compelling conversation. Ron Facheaux, a former Louisiana state legislator who now runs a political research group, is the first to say it: “Ladies and gentlemen, the fat lady has sung.” Dr. Ben Carson’s spokesperson Shermichael Singleton goes deep on the exit polling, noting that “Trump wins with evangelicals, those worried about the economy, college educated, etc. Cruz’s message just isn’t resonating with Republican voters.” As the conversation veers into exploring a third-party conservative candidacy, Travis Considine, Governor Rick Perry’s former press secretary, says, “I bet Sen. Cruz bows out tonight.” Minutes later, it happens.

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