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Spy The Unsung Psychedelic Pop-Art Landscapes Of Roy Lichtenstein

A new exhibition chronicles the iconic artist’s lesser known fascination with sea and sky.

Roy Lichtenstein was once derided as the “worst artist in America,” but time has proven him to be synonymous with 1960s Pop Art and cemented him in the annals of art history. After all, good art typically challenges the status quo and sparks debate. The New York–based practitioner took low-brow subject matter—like comic books and advertising—and elevated them by into high art by pumping up the campy, dramatic elements on monumental canvases. While his cartoon-inspired pieces are best known, Lichtenstein also applied his sensibilities to one of the most traditional motifs: landscapes. And now, thanks to East Hamptons museum Guild Hall and the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, they’re the subject of a new exhibition.

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