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How Trevor Noah Is Already Making “The Daily Show” His Own

Noah steps into Stewart’s slot, but he doesn’t look like he’s trying to fill his shoes.

When Jon Stewart announced that he was stepping down from his 16-year run as the host of The Daily Show, and seldom-known South African comic Trevor Noah would be the next host, the questions over whether or not he’d be able to pull it off were frequently met with a refrain about how Stewart wasn’t the first host the show had, either, and it survived that transition just fine. That’s true, but it also misses the point—Craig Kilborn’s three-year tenure as the first host of the show was likable enough, but it didn’t make the show a cultural force like Stewart’s time in the chair did. Stewart was in a great position to make The Daily Show his own—while Noah was in a great position to occupy a firm seat in Stewart’s shadow.

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