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From Office Narcissists To Equal Pay: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week, we learned how to diagnose workplace narcissism, which subtle cues you might be sending to hiring managers, and what the most familiar statistic in the equal pay debate leaves out.

These are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of April 11.

1. Hiring Managers Reveal The 10 Seemingly Small Things They Judge Candidates On

It isn’t just your resume that hiring managers are scrutinizing. Here’s a look at some of the subtler things, like the kinds of questions you ask and how punctual you are, that you might be getting scored on.

2. 5 Habits To Get Over Self-Limiting Beliefs

We may not be fully conscious of our most deeply held negative ideas about ourselves. Yet according to resilience expert Andrew Shatté, some of those “iceberg beliefs” motivate us to try harder, even though they can leave us feeling dejected if we come up short. This week, Shatté shared some strategies for getting past them.

3. A Detailed Look At How Complex Equal Pay Day Really Is

The oft-repeated statistic that women earn 79¢ for every dollar a man does conceals a much more complicated reality. The gender pay gap yawns wider for minority and older women, for instance. This week we took a deep dive into the data to unearth some facets of the issue that the familiar conversation tends to obscure.

4. The Introvert’s Guide To Painless Personal Branding

It isn’t just introverts who find self-promotion distasteful; those with less outgoing personalities can really struggle with it. To help, one writer suggests creating a persona: “‘Professional Claire’ is a little more confident than ‘Real Claire’ (and she has fewer hang-ups). She embraces the necessity of networking online and showing her work.”

5. How To Spot (And Work With) The Office Narcissist

“Most people think a narcissist is the preening braggart, reality-TV type, but narcissism isn’t all about that,” says Harvard psychologist Craig Malkin. Instead, narcissism simply refers to how self-important we feel, and the usual showboating isn’t the only sign of the narcissist in your office. This week we learned some better ways to pinpoint them, and how to work together painlessly.

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