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An Infographic Look At Who 7,000 “Game Of Thrones” Fans Think Will Die This Season

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everybody drops to zero. On Game of Thrones, though, pretty much everybody’s timeline seems to get truncated a whole lot faster. One determined GoT superfan recently tried to anticipate how the valar morghulis philosophy will play out in the coming season.

Photo: Helen Sloan, courtesy of HBO

Someone who goes by the handle Iron Bank of Braavos surveyed more than 7,000 fellow Redditors to get an idea of the consensus votes for most likely to meet an end soon. Following the prodigious voter turnout, Iron Bank was kind enough to assemble an infographic with the data that functions as a sort of Westerosi deadpool. Considering that the Reddit audience are more likely to go beyond casual fandom into the realm of those who’ve watched every episode, read the books, and gotten house sigil tatts, these choices are less than random.

At a whopping 12.8% of the vote, Balon Greyjoy is pegged for death this season. Seems like a bet Co.Create would take! All the way down at the bottom of the list with 0.2% of the vote is Arya Stark, whose chances of seeing Season 7 do seem all but written in the blood of wildlings. Perhaps the proof that people are voting from educated guesses, though, and not merely their hearts’ desires, is that Ramsey Bolton is all the way down at No. 9. He would be way higher in Co.Create’s personal deadpool.

Have a look at more picks in the infographic below, and let us know in the comments who you think is a goner.

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