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The Recommender: What Execs from Jawbone, Refinery29, And Vimeo Are Loving Right Now

[highlight]UKRAINIAN FOLK FASHION, CHEFS ON DEMAND, AND A CONCERT-DISCOVERY APP[/highlight] NIKITA RICHARDSON “I recently came across Vita Kin, a Ukrainian fashion designer, on Instagram. Her embroidered and tasseled dresses have a fantasy-folklore feel. I want one in every color!” — Christene Barberich Cofounder and editor-in-chief, Refinery29 “French and Italian cuisine have such a stranglehold on the restaurant imagination. I break through by visiting Kalustyans, an Indian spice store. Cans of huitlacoche, a million sacks of dal . . . ideas go off in my brain like fireworks.” — Amanda Cohen Owner and chef, Dirt Candy, a New York–based restaurant “My […]

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